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Dwyer Mc6, Multi-Cal Benchtop Calibrator

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Model MC6 Multi-Cal Benchtop Calibrator Interchangeable Ranges, ±0.05% Accuracy, Data Logging Capability, NIST Traceable Model MC6 Multi-Cal Benchtop Calibrator performs a wide variety of simple and complex pressure based measurement, test, and calibration operations

  • Description
  • Applications Clean Room Control Filter Performance Monitoring HVAC Testing and Setup Draft Measurement Airflow Measurement Control Differential Pressure Measurement in Laminar Flowhoods Paint Booths Industrial Ovens and Fume Hoods Use as a Secondary Standard for Calibrating Pressure Equipment

    Benchtop calibrator accepts up to two pressure modules

    Calibrator can accommodate up to two interchangeable pressure modules sold separately in any combination of range or accuracy

    Calibrator features min/max recall, hi/lo alarm, percentage of full scale pressure readings, mA/voltage measurement, leak rate and pressure decay measurement, switch testing capabilities, including trip point and dead band, and velocity/volume flow rates

    Calibrators and modules include certification to NIST traceability--ideal as a secondary standard for calibrating pressure equipment

    Easily upload stored data to an IBM compatible computer via the RS232 two-way communications port

    Modular sensor design allows user to select pressure measurement range for application flexibility

    Modules include NIST calibration certification

    Multi-Cal Pressure Calibrator includes utility software, protection module, adjustment handle, AC adapter, and instruction manual

    Multi-Cal Pressure Modules are interchangeable and available in a wide selection of pressure ranges and accuracies

    Quickly document calibration procedures using the data logging feature which stores up to 384 sets of pressure and time/date stamped measurements

    Readings can be displayed in a choice of twelve preprogrammed engineering units or any single user-defined unit

    Simultaneously display two separate measurements on the two line, alphanumeric display

    The automatic error calculation simplifies transmitter calibration