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Futura Type 4 Framing Kit

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Used with Hawa junior 80 tracking set

  • Description
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    22.2 N mandated opening and closing force per ADA

    102.76 in

    ADA compliant Sliding hardware requires less than the 5 lbf

    Designed to fit into standard 2 x 4 wood or steel constructed interior walls

    Door height 80 in

    Door thickness up to 1.75 in.

    Door width 24 in

    Exposed part of wood header is laminated to match the color of the sliding track

    Front steel studs have a special pocket to receive 0.5 in

    H 57.6 lbs.

    L x 11.02 in

    Made in Italy

    Provides an efficient way to save space in tight room designs

    Specially engineered, cold-formed, and zinc-plated steel studs prevent bowing of the pocket walls

    Suitable for door weights of up to 176 lbs.

    Suitable for sliding doors installed into dining rooms, doors into kitchens, bathrooms, closets or master bedrooms

    W x 4.72 in

    Wood header is produced out of plywood in order to prevent warping

    Thick sheetrock

    To 36 in.

    To 96 in.