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Blown Hand Stretch Wrap- 15" X 1500' X 90 Ga -24 Rolls = 6 Cases

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Why not Blown Hand Stretch Wrap? Why not a packaging device that can safeguard your items from dust, dirt, climatic weather conditions and moisture? This film is the resource that you use when you are aimed at stabilizing your pallet load and avoiding liability damages

  • Description
  • Although it is a clear and transparent film, upon being wrapped layer on layer, it becomes opaque adding little to none visibility of the wrapped contents

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    Blown Hand Stretch Wrap /strong span is also good for concealing packages from onlookers

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    The one-side cling feature makes the exterior side smooth and non-adhering so that pallet loads don t stick to each other and risk damage when receivers are unloading pallets from truck loads

    This is also good for deflecting glare that is normal amongst other forms of stretch film

    This is good for shippers who would like their contents not easily viewed by possible competitors

    This negates the chances of pallets toppling over /span strong

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